The great German writer Bertolt Brecht once explained that he chose one restaurant over another not because it did not offer a sumptuous menu, but rather because the second invited him into the kitchen.  “In the first, I was an honored customer,” Brecht explained.  “In the second, I was a participant. I belonged.”

In our vibrant educational community, each of our stakeholders belongs.  Each person is an important part to the success of our school.  Our Board members serve as volunteers as well as leaders.  Our parents provide support and guidance not just to their own children, but to others’ children and to the faculty and administration of our school.  Our students serve classmates not only in formal positions, but they also represent and care deeply for the larger community of which our school is a part.  Our faculty and staff regularly go above and beyond the call of duty, providing not just educational expertise in the best practices, but another essential part of our school: love and caring for each child.  Our alumni take with them the values and precepts inculcated during their years here so that they become more than just well-prepared and successful scholars; they are decent, caring individuals who impact their environments, wherever they go.

We hope you will be able to see our school in action very soon, but until that time we hope that this website can convey to you why we believe Wayne Country Day School is a very special place in which to learn and to grow.  You are most welcomed to our “kitchen.”


Our Philosophy

Wayne Country Day School admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin, religion, sex, or sexual preference, and our school and its facilities comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Students are offered a challenging academic program including literature and language, history and social sciences, fine art, mathematics, sciences, technology, and physical education. Learning is directed by a faculty of teaching professionals who are dedicated to the mission and values of the school, the unique needs of the individual students, and the enhanced learning opportunities offered by small classes in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Our Campus

Founded in 1968, Wayne Country Day School occupies a suburban 50-acre campus in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The physical plant includes 22 classrooms for Preschool (3-year -old kindergarten through kindergarten), Lower School (grades 1-6) and Intermediate School (grades 7 and 8). Additional classrooms for these divisions include a music room, visual arts room, and a science laboratory. This original structure was completely renovated in 2011. The new high school building was completed in August, 2013. This 24,000 square foot structure houses six classrooms, two laboratory classrooms, and stunning visual arts and performing arts classrooms.  All students share a 350-seat gymnasium and four athletic playing fields.

480 Country Day Rd

Goldsboro, NC 27530

Tel:  (919) 736-1045


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