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Summer Hours
WCDS office will be open Monday-Thursday 9am -2pm and Friday 9am-12pm. The office will be closed the week of July 4th (July 1st-July 5th).
Voice Recognition

STEM Center

The Wayne Country Day STEM Center (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) was built using a series of grants written with the help and input of students. In the beginning, the program used one MakerBot 3D printer and the ingenuity of students to design catapults, original toys, and assistive technology for the disabled. The center grew with the addition of woodworking classes which offered another unique design opportunity. From its inception, the purpose of the STEM Center has been to focus on the process of design and redesign. Students take designs from the vision/idea stage to drawings using a cad program, to actually creating. Students from a wide range of backgrounds and interests see the STEM Center as a place of creativity and relaxation, focusing on doing “their thing, their way!”  

STEM education is increasing in popularity—especially at Wayne Country Day! With the belief that “if the human mind can conceive it, the human mind can achieve it,” the WCDS STEM Center encourages students to lose their fear of failure and embrace their mistakes through envisioning, designing, and producing.

The best recommendations come from WCDS students--our focus!

“I like the creative freedom offered . . . it’s a great way to learn . . . offers a break from core classes but doesn’t take away from the phenomenal learning experience that WCDS offers.” Nick Covert 2021

“The STEM Center (personally dubbed the Maker Space) is just that . . . you can make anything.” Noah Shaw 2021

“. . . my teachers pushed me to make my good ideas great.” Bryan Harrison 2020

“The STEM class is a great elective to take. It is a very welcoming environment with friendly teachers and student leaders.”     Rahul Patel 2021

“It provides a way to learn without having to overly stress from the project.” Rohan Shreenath 2022

“Enrichment projects are very interactive.” Obi Okeke 2025

“I like to choose and create what I want to make.” Thad Moye 2022

“I love how this class makes people feel comfortable.” Ben Stuber 2021