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Summer Hours
WCDS office will be open Monday-Thursday 9am -2pm and Friday 9am-12pm. The office will be closed the week of July 4th (July 1st-July 5th).
Voice Recognition


The Arts offer a diverse reflection of cultures, traditions, and the world. The Arts bring a sense of accomplishment and beg participation. From novice to proficient, there’s something in the arts for everyone: dancing, painting, sculpting, making music--the list is almost endless. The Arts are ever evolving with the threads of generations woven together forming an amazing fabric of sensory experiences. From clay tablets chained to shelving in the earliest days of recorded history, man has sought to capture the experience of art and has seen it as a vital part of human existence. What’s the attraction? Perhaps, Wilfred Peterson’s description found in The Art of Living offers one explanation:

               “. . . Nature splashes color across the vast canvas of the sky with the radiance

                 and splendor of sunrise and sunset. She arches rainbows against the passing    

                 storm, creates flowers and foliage, sets autumn woods on fire with the beauty of 

                 turning leaves and touches mountaintops with snow crystals.” 

The Arts render a legacy of things past and a promise of things present and of things to come. The Arts offer a personal opportunity and journey to all who venture through her gates. Come celebrate the Arts at Wayne Country Day!