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Voice Recognition

Student Services

The Advisor System

Each student in grades 7-12 has a faculty advisor. The advisor’s role includes monitoring the student’s academic progress, providing support and encouragement, and helping students work through challenges. Parents can contact their student’s advisor with any questions or concerns.

College Counseling

Our school prides itself in our individualized college counseling services. We believe in helping your student find the right “fit.” The goal is to find the school where your student will be happy and successful.  Students in grades 9-12 will have access to the Upper School college counselor, who will assist them in collecting information and making decisions regarding the college selection and the application process. The college counselor will meet regularly and individually with juniors and seniors to help them manage their college search and essay writing process. Group meetings will be more common with the freshman and sophomore classes, although individual conferences can be scheduled at any time. Each autumn a college campus tour may be offered to all students in grades 8-11.

Standardized Testing

Grades 7-8 take the IOWA test in the fall semester.
Grade 9 takes the PSAT and the IOWA test.
Grade 10 takes the PSAT.
Grade 11-12 take the SAT and ACT as a part of their college application preparation. Parent meetings are offered to review results of tests.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center coordinates accommodations for all students with diagnoses learning differences, and chronic medical issues. Students that receive accommodations at WCDS are required to have up to date paperwork on file with the Learning Center. The Learning Center also offers paid serves to students with learning differences.