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The Learning Center

The Learning Center

Learning Center staff
The Learning Center’s purpose is to coordinate services for students with identified learning differences. These services may include accommodations and/or modifications in the regular classroom as well as one-on-one instruction in the area(s) of need. One-on-one instruction is on a paid basis. Parents or guardians are asked to provide a psychological evaluation that is current within the last three years. Learning Center staff  review the evaluation and, in conjunction with parents and the student’s teachers, determine the need for accommodations and/or modifications and individualized instruction. Every effort is made to provide individualized instruction during study hall or during resource classes.

All teachers work in tandem with the Learning Center staff to optimize instruction and to ensure that the student’s accommodations and/or modifications are carried out in the regular classroom. The Learning Center staff work closely with each teacher as an advocate for the student.  

Upon request, Learning Center staff will provide parents/guardians with a suggested list of people qualified to conduct comprehensive evaluations and also will facilitate the completion of any necessary teacher input forms.  

Learning Center staff are also available as a resource for teachers and parents requesting suggestions/strategies for struggling learners.  

The Learning Center supports the school vision of every student our focus!

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